Spektroradiomeeter CS-2000

CS-2000 on polükromaator tüüpi spektroradiomeeter, millega saab mõõta kontraste 100000:1 ja sellel on maailma tipptasemel võime tuvastada väga madalaid heledusastmeid kuni 0,003 cd/m2.

A spectroradiometer with the world’s top level of performance for analyzing extremely low luminances and a 100,000:1 contrast measurement capability.

With the advent of terrestrial digital broadcasting, the diffusion of various types of displays with full-spec high-definition TV capabilities for displaying beautiful images in fine detail is currently accelerating rapidly. With the latest technology, it is becoming possible to display gradations with contrasts of 100,000:1 to provide an even more realistic feeling. For this purpose, technical competition to display blacker blacks in particular is becoming ever more severe, increasing demands for an instrument that could measure extremely low luminances.

On the other hand, for the development of various types of display devices such as organic EL, etc. as well as conventional LCD and plasma displays, high-accuracy spectral analysis is necessary.

The CS-2000 being introduced at this time is a polychromator-type­1 spectroradiometer capable of measuring down to luminances of 0.003cd/m2, the world’s top level*2 of ultra-low-luminance measurement performance, enabling contrast measurements of 100,000:1­3. It provides the superior measurement performance essential for the manufacture and development of various light-emitting devices, including top-class displays. In addition, it offers switchable measurement angles to measure not only general areas but also extremely small regions. The CS-2000 is a fusion of the optical technology cultivated throughout Konica Minolta’s long history and the newest signal-processing technology, and is positioned as a Konica Minolta flagship model.

Konica Minolta offers products and services utilizing the technology and experience accumulated over our long history, such as the 2D Color Analyzer for measuring the color of an area light source, the Display Color Analyzer for measuring white balance, etc. in order to provide comprehensive support to the display industry from research and development through manufacturing. Konica Minolta will continue to offer such essential products and services to the imaging sector, including the display and light-source color measurement field, as an innovative, global company with advanced technology and high reliability to meet customer needs.

1 Capable of accurate measurements down to ultra-low luminances of 0.003cd/m2 By utilizing our original optical design technology and signal processing technology, the CS-2000 achieves an additional digit of performance compared to previous models, providing high-accuracy measurements down to 0.003cd/m2 at a measurement angle of 1° and enabling stable measurements in the ultra-low-luminance region. In addition, it maintains a half bandwidth* of less than 5nm (considered necessary for measuring color) throughout the entire measurement wavelength range, enabling precise color measurements. * Half bandwidth: An indication of wavelength resolution

2 Selectable measurement angles enable measurements of large to small areas With the CS-2000, measurement angles of 0.1°, 0.2°, and 1° can be selected. This enables a standard minimum measuring diameter of Ø0.5mm; when optional close-up lenses are used, measurements of areas as small as Ø0.1mm can be measured. The CS-2000 can thus be used not only for measuring general displays, but also for measuring ultra-small areas or distant light sources.

3 High repeatability High repeatability* is achieved using a design that thoroughly eliminates mechanical and electrical noise sources. * Repeatability: For repeated measurements under the same measurement environment, the ratio of measurement difference compared to the average measurement value. An indication of measurement precision

4 Low polarization error Polarization error* generated when using a reflection-type diffraction grating is reduced to 2%, enabling more stable measurements of display devices such as LCDs, etc. that use polarized light. * Polarization error: Error that occurs due to variations in the reflectance ratio of polarized light according to the acceptance angle of the instrument.

5 Easy-to-understand operation panel enables simple operation The operation panel and LCD screen is located on the back of the instrument. With the simple but comprehensive operation panel, you can directly select necessary functions. Since a color LCD is used, spectral graphs can be displayed on the instrument itself without the need for a computer, enabling the verification of spectral waveforms or the spectral luminance of a selected wavelength. In addition, using the Data Management Software CS-S10w Professional included as a standard accessory enables the CS-2000 to be controlled from a computer as well as visual, easy-to-understand displays of measurement data together with various types of evaluation and analysis.