LMK mobile advanced heledusmõõtekaamera

The LMK Mobile Advanced is a luminance measuring imaging photometer. Its CMOS Canon APS-C sensor features an uncompressed 14 Bit RAW data with Bayer structure. The aperture, exposure time, and ISO speed may be configured by the user to suit any measurement range preferences. Spectral matching is achieved through the numerical weighting of the RGB tristimulus values.

Working with a calibration uncertainty of ∆L [ 2.5% ] and a uniformity of ∆L [ < 2% ], the photometer generates luminance distributions in measuring images L(x,y) and statistical data for use in calculation programs. The model is equipped with a USB 2.0 and/or SD/SDHC memory card interface for the subsequent evaluation of the data.

The instrument is suitable for use in indoor measurements, such as in offices or in work spaces.